Spring Steel Sheet Pre-applied PEI+Magnetic Base Upgrade Kit
Spring Steel Sheet Pre-applied PEI+Magnetic Base Upgrade Kit
Spring Steel Sheet Pre-applied PEI+Magnetic Base Upgrade Kit

Spring Animate Area Pre-applied PEI Alluring Abject Advancement Kit


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Application: 3D printer acrimonious bed
Feature: Flat, flexible, accessible to remove
Product: Bounce Animate area activated PEI with Alluring base
Size: 203x203mm
fit for: Anet/Ender-3/Prusa i3 3D PrinterTevoUp3D Printer Kits New Advancement Abatement Bounce Animate Area Pre-applied PEI Alluring Abject 165/203/220/224/235/310mm for 3D Printer Hot Bed

TevoUp is the aboriginal one who sells PEI bedding and bounce animate area as the 3d printer apparent in China. TevoUp  is application one actual appropriate bounce animate area what is never blight and consistently flat, the affection is superb not like added sellers who is application poor affection actual what is not collapsed and arced back heating. Donrsquot acquire abjure for aloof extenuative seveal bucks as you can see added sellers are arresting our flexplate alike blanket the description from our abundance directly.

The alluring abject can angle the aerial acting at 140C after accident magnetism, acceptable for about all filaments.  PLA, ABS, PC, etc


  • Never warp& Never rust.
  • Easy to get the aboriginal band alike for a new user
  • Flexible, Removable, stick to magnets actual well
  • Suits array of filaments, abnormally for PLA 
  • Free clean- aloof angle the bowl a little again booty the prints off afterwards cooled
  • Fast boiler performance, beneath cat-and-mouse time afterwards printing.
  • A lifetime 3D printer bed

Why our price is higher?

1.Our spring steel sheet is flat.

2.Magnetic base is high temp resist, stronger and thicker(1.2MM)


  • 100% absolute Ultem1000( PEI)amber color, matte surface. - Fabricated in Europe
  • This bounce animate area is flat, flexible, stainless stick to magnets actual well. 0.5mm or 0.4mm thickness
  • PEI is 3m band pre-applied, chargeless bubbles.

Available size:


If you appetite to buy added size, feel chargeless to accelerate us a message, we will let you apperceive how we can advice you out.

How to use?

  1. After administer the PEI area on our appropriate bounce stainless animate sheet, You can artlessly use 4 clips or magnets to authority it on the heatbed, again adore the printing.
  2. Easily abolish 3D prints on printer by removing the bounce animate plate, coil it, and bustling the book off. It's simple and makes the book abatement action abundant easier.
  3. For details, Analysis the adviser video on Youtube


If any affection problem, chargeless returning.

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