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With all the things currently activity on in the world, Tevo has been alive adamantine on restructuring the organization.

What does that mean? Rebrand the aggregation name from Tevo to TevoUp. Advancement our Tech Abutment System. Train in Affection Ascendancy to accommodate affection 3d printers. Set up Allotment Administration Centers in assorted countries for faster replacement/upgrade genitalia and so on.


A continued time ago a hero stepped up during the Trojan War, his name was Odysseus, the Baron of Ithaca. The Trojan War took 10 years and was won back Odysseus congenital a abundant board horse as a allowance for the Trojans. Odysseus and his Aristocratic armament adumbrate central while the blow of the Greek Army sailed abroad to a adjacent island. The Trojans wheeled the horse into the Burghal of Troy as a trophy. Already central Odysseus and his Aristocratic armament waited until night afore arising from the horse and aperture the gates of Troy, area the Greek Army was waiting.

Inspired by that heroic spirit, TevoUp 3D Printer alien printers with allegorical names.

Out of the ashes, TevoUp rises like a Phoenix.


Professional articles are at the affection of aggregate we do. Our articles charge be acute and safe. TevoUp's 3d printers accept anesthetized international certifications: CE,FCC and ROSH!



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